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Chat2it Ltd is an organization incubated to develop products pivoted on IoT, that connects devices and process data, to create business value that re-calibrates your perception, with the power of Data. Matt is our premium product, developed with the unique concept of vehicle communication that avoids phones/calls/messages while driving.
Matt is an intelligent tracking management platform which uses AI/ML, sensors and predictive analysis to help you and your close contacts stay connected while your are driving. Matt comes with affordable pricing, and performs the task as a personal and security app that allows you to keep in contact with your family, friends, and vehicle .
With Matt, you will also never have to worry about your close contacts that may be driving long distances and alone!!

Application Features

MATT is scaleable with additional features being developed as our algorithms uses more data.

  • Eliminate phone distracted driving

    When using our product communication is carried out via your chosen vehicle. Initially the questions and answer will be based on a standard template of popular questions and typical responses. With more data, MATT will have the ability to extrapolate, and   provide a more intuitive response,  one that is more suited to your lifestyle.

  • Coordinate even your activities remotely

    Using a calendar feature, your weekly vehicle usage schedule can be saved and you can choose to share such information with your family and/or friends.

  • Passively communicate with family and friends

    Using our product you can inform your family and/or friends on matters that concern you. By engaging with the car they can obtain information as ETA to an event. even locational information with regard to other family and/or friends. More subtle personal communication such as “when I park my car at this location I will be going on vacation”, can be easily communicated.

  • Alternative emergency contact communication

    By you choosing when to share information, your family and/or friends, can select to obtain, arrival/departure to and from places of interest. Including  planned/unplanned hospital visits, even notification of car faults. This information, can be used as an alternative to the conventional forms of communication.

  • US patented car personality

    Having a car signature, (personality), will enable you to have a glimpse of the future. MATT’s incorporated algorithms, predict events related to you and our patented car signature,(personality).  For instance, If your car data exhibits an introvert type of signature, MATT can predict the likelihood of being at a large social gathering.

  • Reduce your car insurance premium

    By using MATT, you can become part of the growing trend to benefit from one of many  vehicle insurance programs that offer lower premiums based on your usage.

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Our Application Works !

Based on GPS technology, environmental and vehicle, data.

Your Data in Cloud

Is safe and securely managed and governed by our data protection service

24/7 Support

Local support is provided, 24/7 on line, and made to facilitate direct communication with our team. Get to know us we get to know you !

Exclusive Design

We also have the possibility of customising your screen to suit the functionality that suits you.

Track Time From Anywhere

Communication is not location based. Wherever you are feel free to keep in touch.

Easy to Use

A few clicks away irrespective of Global geographical location.

Monitor & Manage

The tools at your disposal, are familiar and easily manageable.

Stay Connected

Always on until you decide to turn it off.

Built For Your Daily Schedule

Learn the subtlety of discretely coordinating your activities, with your chosen contacts.

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Pricing Plans

Choose the functions that will suit your lifestyle


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The Research Project

Science has carried us to the future and demonstrated that automobiles exhibit consistent signature traits. Our incorporated algorithms use locational and associated environmental data to create a clearer picture of the type of signature/personality your car has. Our program will predict the likely outcomes of future events by determining the signature (personality) of your car. If your car is “conscientious”, it will probably be arriving on time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our answers to your doubts

The app can be downloaded via a link we shall send. If you have a friend already connected they can also provide you with the app.

General information shall be provided by using the contact form. By registering we provide more detailed and specific information. If you are prepared to register we feel you are moving towards joining us.

The device is a plug and play . It can be ordered online by contacting our local support staff. The device will be delivered to you, already configured and ready for easy plug and play.

Yes you can still find answers, live tracking and view all our mentioned features in our software, as the data is stored and used later

We will provide you with contact details of our partners that will supply and ensure safe configuration,  and if necessary, device installation

Yes, you can get the demo of the matt app. Simply use our website contact form.

Not yet,  MATT  is compatible with Android, an iOS version is planned for a later release.

Features are listed on the website.

Your private data is secured and safely handled under the terms of our agreement contained on our website.

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